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The FCI breed standard 307c for the Azawakh stipulates the color of Azawakh: "fawn with marking limited to the extremities ". It points out that at least traces of white must be visible on the legs. According to the standard, a bib on the chest as well as a white brush at the tip of the tail, perhaps a white blaze, complement the color of Azawakh.

Numerous representatives of the breed in the region of origin but also in Europe and elsewhere have white marks which exceed the extent allowed by the standard. A good many judges have not to date downgraded or refused dogs exceeding the standard. Recent initiatives by SLAG, representing France in patronage of the breed standard, as well as similar initiatives within the German association of breeders and sighthounds (DWZRV), aim to exclude the breeding of Azawakhs presenting white more prominently than allowed, by the adoption of an even narrower interpretation, to strengthen the current standard. Documentation on this subject will be presented.

"The Azawakh Work Group" regards the possibility of excluding an important part of the Azawakh population as risking even more, the endangerment of the already very narrow genetic potential, so that the survival of the breed outside Africa would be threatened. This conforms with findings of geneticists and cynologists (see Problems of Survival of the Breed Outside Africa). The distribution of colors has no influence on the health or activities of the Azawakhs.

The foundation and arguments in favor of color limitations in the standard is controversial and go back obviously to very fragmentary information of the 70s concerning the breed in its regions of origin. Facts and information known today are combined in a series of articles published under Azawakh Sighthound of the Nomads of the Sahel.

The Work Group offers a reasonable revision of the FCI standard. To this end, the opinion and the will to lead the majority of the breeders and owners of Azawakhs that are members of sight hound associations in France, in Germany and in other foreign countries is necessary. With that end in view, Internet sites, for the German version, and for the French version, make accessible to all, the arguments, the factual presentations and the research results.

The Work Group invites all those who consider the revision of standard as necessary, to cooperate in this purpose (go to CONTACT page).

We welcome opposing arguments and contributions to critical discussions that the Working Group will debate in a forum.


----- FCI 307 Azawakh Color Section -----

COLOUR : Fawn with flecking [marking] limited to the extremities.  All shades are admitted from light sable [sand] to dark fawn.  The head may or may not have a black mask and the blaze is very inconstant.  The coat has a white bib and a white brush at the tip of the tail. Each of the four limbs must have compulsorily a white "stocking", at least in shape of a trace on the feet.  The black brindling is admitted. (From official FCI translation.)

----- End FCI 307 Azawakh Color Section -----




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Soon a new FCI Standard for the Azawakh ?

The breed standard of the FCI (FCI International) includes a description of an ideal and a guidance for judges and breeders for the breed that all members of the countries of the FCI (the European countries, South American, Asian and more…) should follow. In general, each member is the owner and the Manager of the standards of the breeds originated from their own country. Since there is no kennel club recognized by the FCI in Mali and Niger (and there never has been) the Azawakh standard for the FCI is run by the Société Centrale Canine (SCC) in France, who filed the first standard for the breed to the FCI. SCC delegates the management of this standard to the breed club, in this case the SLAG (Club du Sloughi, des lévriers d'Afrique et le Galgo) for the Azawakh breed. Recently, some Board members of the SLAG decided, without consulting the majority of breeders, to modify this standard by dictating specific limits on colors and white markings. This standard project has been adopted by the Board of the SLAG on 22/01/2011. Next, the procedure is to forward the project to the SCC for review and possible approval in the state or not, before being validated by the FCI. If the project is accepted as is, this next Azawakh standard which all breeders and judges of the member countries of the FCI will have to comply, will restrict the genetic diversity and endanger the future of the breed : New standard project - SLAG Board.

To help you better understand the consequences of these changes, the group has set up a page of comparisons between standards, the current valid one and the new proposal. We invite you to express yourself about this topic in our forum, to sign the petition calling for the withdrawal of this proposed standard, and possibly contact the President of SLAG if you want more details about the status of this project.


New article : Some Successful offspring of recently imported desertbred Azawakhs.


New article about some successful Azawakhs The SLAG club announces numerous modifications of the Azawakh Standard, of which, it seems, to make it more restrictive as regards the extent of white and colors (

Here is the translation of the text:

For a precision of the standard of the sighthound of the AZAWAKH

Since the first version of the standard of the Tuareg sighthound (Oska) in 1973 until the recent modifications of the Azawakh sighthound - it is the same dog - numerous inaccuracies and errors were passed on and spread, going as far as allowing the confusion with other types of dogs (said sighthounds) from the Sahel.

To put an end adrift of some breeders it is urgent to to take back and to revise the writing of this standard. This work is at present led collectively with the first writers of the standard, the breeders of the breed and with the persons having a skill in breeding this breed and in genetics. After the approval of our committee it can be communicated to the commission of the standards of the FCI.

At first, and at the request of the SCC, the list of the points of eliminating faults (for France only : "non-confirmation" points) was specified. Here it is:

Eliminating faults of the Azawakh Sighthound :

1. Regarding general expression:

* Lack of type (in particular when showing a recent crossing with another breed),
* Hipbones placed distinctly lower than the withers,
* heavy head,
* Thick and hairy tail, sometimes very rolled up,
* Disabling anomaly - not acquired,
* Upper or lower prognathism.

2. Regarding the colour:

* Coat not conforming to the standard : intrusive white markings (tending to parti-colour), white collar, brindling other than black,
* nose not black, mucous membranes other than black,
* Harsh or semi-long coat,
* Light eye i.e. bird of prey eyes.

3. Other :

* Size out by more than 3 cm from the standard measures,
* monorchidism et cryptorchidism.


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