Azawakhs photos in Mali taken by Dr Gaussen
early 1960'

(father-in-law of Dr Roussel who wrote the Azawakh veterinarian thesis)

Dr Gaussen wrote: I brought dogs back to France, I am on the initiative of the thesis of my son-in-law François Roussel. Most were from Ioullemede region, especially the area of Menaka, but the first was given by a Fulani herdsman to my cousin Michel Gaussen near the border of Upper Volta (formely Burkina Faso). The gift was accompanied by this form of farewell to the attention of his companion, "Go ! you desserve good food".

Tuareg small camp near Labbézanga, Niger-Mali border :


In the Tanezrouft on the road from Gao to Colomb-Bechar (Algeria). A few weeks old dog brought back to France by the author wearing a djellaba

Oued Tilemsi, south of Adrar of Iforas

Dr Gaussen's Azawakhs in France


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